Sunday, August 06, 2006


I am having some blocks made by Pella Engraving. For right now, they are all royalty-free images, but I'm going to do some hand-drawn ones eventually. There are 16. I'll be printing them for the Soap Factory's Design Fiesta (they will be on Eireann's table) on stationery, cards, and a few other things. Here is one of the images:
In the meantime, just applying for fellowships and residencies and working. I'm looking for a new job now, so if you're near the Twin Cities and know of something in graphic design, art, or production, let me know. I want to have more time to work on my website and take more orders, too, so hopefully I can find something that is just over part-time. We'll see.

We just painted our bathroom a nice blue-grey color. Then all this week I will be printing.

Thanks for your comments on my other post. More pictures to come soon. I am going to do the Sampler, too, so I will post a picture of what I am sending.


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looking forward to more ephemeral-goodness from you!

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